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What are roman shades and how are they different from other window coverings?

Roman shades are not a new thing, however more and more people are seeing the beauty and appeal that they can bring to any room that needs window treatments.

To start it's good to know that there are a few different styles of Roman shades available to fit your taste.

They are:


  • Flat
  • Relaxed
  • Butterfly


All of the above styles have to do with the way in which the bottom of the shade appears while it is in the up position.

So as you might have figured out the first style the bottom of the shade is flat when in the up position.

How about the 2nd...the relaxed style? That one dips down in the middle to form one or more smile like arches that look more... well... relaxed.

The third style you are probably saying to yourself "Self...What in the world would a butterfly roman shade look like?".

No it's not a roman shade with a butterfly print. Instead it has a bit more of a frilly look to it. It resembles a relaxed roman shade but with the ends frilled out a bit more like a butterfly's wings.

So now that you know what the different styles are what exactly is a roman shade?

It is a shade that is constructed to fold on itself when pulled up in a fairly even manner but look flat when in the down position.

The right installation paired with your room's decor makes for a beautiful finished look you'll be proud to show off.

Roman shades can be mounted inside the window casement (aka the trim around the windows) to show off any decorative trim you might have or for various purposes they may also be installed to cover the trim.

One cool application for installing roman shades over the casing around the windows (instead of the usual way) is to make it appear as if a window is taller than it actually is. The way this works is to install the shade a bit higher on the wall than the window actually reaches in order to get the look of a much taller window.

Roman shades are custom shades and so they can also be designed to allow for varying amounts of light based on your personal requirements. Various lining materials can be selected that will allow for more or less light to enter a room when in the down position.

This makes roman shades an excellent choice to use as blackout or room darkening shades. Read more about blackout roman shades here.

Many ask why Roman shades run at a higher price point than other window coverings like the various kinds of vertical or Venetian blinds. The complexity of design in creating a roman shade creates a significant addition to labor costs. There are many steps that must be accomplished in a specific order in assembly without making a mistake.

One wrong step and you have to start over.

Is the extra cost worth it?

We think the look achieved combined with the functionality will convince you that it is; and we invite you to schedule an appointment with us to go over your design options.

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